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Home tuition in Lahore - Home tutor in Lahore - Home teacher in Lahore - Pakistan

April 26 2011 , Written by home tuition Lahore Dial 0322-8204030

Lahore Home Tutor Academy, Pakistan.

Visit www.Lahore.Company (Home Tuition in Lahore)

Call Mr. Wajahat Nazeer 0322-8204030 - Director



Our Services are free for the students in Lahore, we do not charge any service charges from the students, they just need to pay fees to the Home teacher or Home Tutor visiting their Home in Lahore.  

(Do not Pay adavance fees to teacher without permission of Academy)


We are Providing Teacher for the Following Classes in Lahore.

  • Home tuition for all classes from Class 1 till matric.
  • Home tuition and teacher for O-level in lahore.
  • Home Tuition and tutor for A-level in Lahore.
  • Commerce home Teachers in Lahore.
  • Science home Teachers in Lahore.
  • Home tuition for CAT ACCA & CA in Lahore.
  • We also provide Maths tutor, Biology tutor , English tutor, Chemistry tutor, Physics Tutor, CA tutor, CAT tutor, ACCA tutor, School Tutor, etc.  






Only qualified teachers are requested to get registered with the academy.


The Registration fees for the Home Teachers is Rs. 500 Only and CNIC copy is required, We are operating from Karachi, and teacher will send an e-mail to wajahatonline@gmail.com and they will receive an e-mail stating the procedure to pay fees, 

Teachers those do not wish to pay registraiton Charges are requested not to contact.

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